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The Happening Wiki is a wikia site based around the /pol/meme Doom Paul. Given the subject nature, it's pretty fucking obvious why they have a page here.


This is usually instigated when a superpower is on the verge of economic collapse or a false flag event occurs.

–Main Page

Economic collapse, along with other causes, provoked WW2.

–Main Page

the so-called Western democracies could attack any rogue state that violated the UN charter of rights.

–Main Page

Terror attacks are usually false flag attacks.

–Main Page

The Jews, sometimes referred to as Kikes control most of the global economy and use their influence to gain power and manipulate the mass to their heart's content. They also did 9/11 and sunk the Titanic. Well renowned for their love of gold, the Jews have played a part in the recent immigration crisis. This is all part of their plan to destroy the white race.


In recent weeks we have seen the Eurozone (in particular Germany) take in massive amounts of "refugees" that fled Syria on boats. For reasons unknown it just so happened that they went into central Europe rather than any of the dozens of countries nearby that have no ongoing conflicts. This is led and financed by the Jews.

–Refugee Crisis

It is understood that this manipulation of the refugee crisis was due to the involvement of the Jews in an attempt to weaken Germany.

–Refugee Crisis

[Fuck it, just read the page.]

–The Economist Calendar

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